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CP4O Meetings

In this section we provide information about  CP4O project meetings.

CP4O Final Review : ESRIN, Frascati.  30 June -2 July 2014

The CP4O Final  Review took place on 30 June 2014 to 2 July 2014.

At this meeting  CP4O partners presented the results from the development, validation and independent assessment of products derived from Cryosat-2 Data.

These products included

  • SAR and RDSAR products for the Open Ocean
  • SAR  and SARin products in the Coastal Ocean
  • SAR poducts for the Polar Ocean
  • Improved and Regional Geophysical Corrections for use with CryoSat-2 Data

The presentations given can be accessed through links below.

Meeting Papers - CP4O Final Review

CP4O Final Results Presentation Final Agenda
Meeting Objectives and the CP4O Project (D Cotton, SatOC)
Cryosat Mission Update (J Bouffard, ESRIN)
JASON-CS Plans (H Bonnekamp, EUMETSAT)
Key Issues on SAR Altimetry (C Gommenginger, NOC)
Cryosat-2 Pseudo LRM Technique (R Scharroo, EUMETSAT)
CryoSat-2 Processing Prototype, SAR and RDSAR Processing (F Boy, CNES)
Assessment of CPP PLRM Processing (S Labroue, CLS)
SAR Processing for Open Ocean - SAMOSA Model, STARLAB Implementation (A Egido, STARLAB)
SAR Processing for Open Ocean - SAMOSA Model, ESA Implementation (S Dinardo, ESA)
SAR for Open and Coastal Ocean - NOC Analysis 1 (C Gommenginger, NOC)
SAR for Coastal Ocean (Tide Gauges) - NOC Analysis 2 (P Cipollini, NOC)
SARIN for Coastal Ocean (P Nilo Garcia, isardSAT) , also two short videos showing processed SARIN echos and corrected data on tracks near the Cuban Coast (video 1, video 2)
Assessment of CPP SAR Processing (S Labroue, CLS)
Assessment of SAR Ocean Retrackers (T Moreau, CLS)
SAR for Polar Ocean (L Stenseng, DTU Space)
Improved Wet Troposphere Correction for CryoSat-2 over ocean (J Fernandes, U Porto)
Improved Ionospheric Correction (M Cancet, Noveltis)
Regional Tidal Correction (M Cancet, Noveltis)
Geophysical Corrections Impact Analysis (M Raynal, CLS)

CP4O Mid Term Review and SAR Altimetry Expert Group  Meeting : NOC Southampton - 25-27 June 2013

The CP4O Mid Term Review took place on 25-26 June 2013.

Experts were invited to review key material and provide advice and recommendations on how to take this work forward. The Expert Panel were asked to review the deliverables from WP2000 "Preliminary Analysis of the State of the Art", and early results from WP4000 "Product Development and Validation". Links to the  documents to be reviewed are provided below, together with Guidance Notes for the Expert Panel

The SAR Altimetry Expert Group Meeting on 26-27 June was arranged in coordination with the CP4O project, with the following objectives:

  • Review the state of knowledge about SAR altimetry over the ocean and coastal regions in preparation for the Sentinel-3 and Jason-CS missions.
  • Identify open issues for SAR altimetry and their possible impact on the ability of Sentinel-3 and Jason-CS to deliver their mission objectives, in particular regarding the Jason-CS primary mission requirement to ensure continuity of high-precision sea level trend monitoring.

 The agenda and presentations are provided in through links in the table below. A State of the Art Review commissioned by EUMETSAT to provide recommendations for the  JASON-CS mission is available here.

Meeting Papers - CP4O Mid Term Review

CP4O Mid Term Review Agenda
CP4O PM1 Minutes
CP4O Action List June 2013
CP4O Project Plan 3.1
Guidance Note for CP4O Expert Review
Preliminary Analysis Report (Draft)
Development and Validation Plan (Draft)
Progress Report on the Improvement of the Wet Tropospheric Correction (U Porto)
ATBD Regional Tide Correction (Noveltis)
PVR Regional Tide Correction (Noveltis)
ATBD Ionospheric Correction (Noveltis)
PVR Ionospheric Correction (Noveltis)
ATBD Open Ocean SAR (CLS) - REVISED - MAR2014!!
ATBD Open Ocean RDSAR (CLS) - REVISED - MAR2014!!
PVR Open Ocean SAR (CLS)
PVR Open Ocean RDSAR (CLS)
Guidelines for SAR (Delay-Doppler) L1b Processing (ESA Tech Note)

Meeting Papers - SAR Altimetry Expert Group Meeting

SAR Altimetry Expert Group Meeting Agenda
CryoSat-2 Over Oceans: D.Cotton
Sentinel-3 Mission Status: C. Donlon
Jason-CS Mission Status: H. Bonekamp
Ocean SAR Altimetry- From SIRAL2 on CryoSat2 to Poseidon-4 on Jason-CS: L. Phalippou and F. Demeestere
SAR Mode, LRM, and Continuity: K. Raney
Experiments with FBR SAR data over oceans, including an investigation of aliasing: W. Smith and R. Scharroo
Pitch calibration from FBR SAR data over oceans: N. Galin and D. Wingham
LRM, SAR and Reduced SAR Processing techniques: Three months of CryoSat-2 data quality assessment over ocean: F. Boy and N. Picot
SAR altimetry from L0 to L2: impact of L1 processing into L2 retracker performance and accuracies: C. Martin-Puig and M. Roca
Reduced SAR techniques for CryoSat-2: R. Scharroo et al.
SAR altimetry: A comprehensive approach from theoretical studies to instrument processing and geophysical validation: L. Amarouche and P. Thibaut
SAR altimetry over the open and coastal ocean: status and open issues: C. Gommenginger et al.
Validation of CryoSat-2 in SAR mode in the German Bight (1) S. Dinardo et al.
Validation of CryoSat-2 in SAR mode in the German Bight (2) L. Fenoglio-Marc et al.
CryoSat-2 SAR altimetry processing and use in the Arctic Ocean: O. Andersen and L. Stenseng
JASON-CS SAR Mode Error Budget Study: Review of State of Knowledge for SAR Altimetry Over Ocean: C Gommenginger, C. Martin-Puig, L. Amarouche and R.K. Raney

  SAR Expert Group Meeting Flyer

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