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Sea level from UK tide gauges and satellite altimetry. Project funded by UK Space Agency on behalf of the Space for Smarter Government Programme which is delivered in collaboration with the Satellite Applications Catapult.

Sea level trend 2002-2012

Sea Level SpaceWatch: Workshop Presentation and Reports

This page contains links to presentations and reports for Sea Level SpaceWatch Workshop, held on 22nd March 2016 at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton.

The agenda is available here.

A Sea Level SpaceWatch Briefing paper is available here

A Workshop Report is available here


Presentation Title / Description



Status of Project, Overview of meeting.

David Cotton (SatOC)


UK Sea Level Variability from Tide Gauge Data

Angela Hibbert (NOC)


Spatial footprint and temporal clustering of storm surges around the UK

Ivan Haigh (University of Southampton)

Environment Agency and Committee on Climate Change

Statements of User Needs / Interests (NRW and SEPA requirements were given orally)

Various (EA, NRW, CCC, ...)


Constructing model projections of century-scale change in extreme sea level for UKCP09 and UKCP18 

Tom Howard  (Met Office)


Tide Gauge Data Processing for Sea Level SpaceWatch

Angela Hibbert (NOC)


Processing of coastal altimetry data for Sea Level SpaceWatch

Paolo Cipollini (NOC)


Analysis of seasonal to interannual sea level variability from altimetry and tide gauge data

Francisco Calafat (NOC)


Stochastic modelling of the tide gauge, altimeter and GPS time series for realistic uncertainties in derived parameters

Simon WIlliams (NOC)


Example of a (possible) site specific analysis

Simon Williams (NOC)


The Sea Level SpaceWatch Service Offering and Business Plan

David Cotton (SatOC)

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