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In this section we list HYDROCOASTAL project deliverables. Where links are indicated the documents have been accepted by ESA and are freely available to download. Some deliverables contain proprietary information and are only available to ESA and other members of the project team.


D1.1 Technical Note 1 (TN1) -Scientific Review, Draft Paper - in Preparation
D1.2 Requirements Baseline (RB) - V1.1 September 2020
D1.3 Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD) - V1.1 October 2020
D1.3 Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBD) - Wet Troposphere Correction and Dry Troposphere Correction
D2.1 Input Output Definitions Document (IODD) V1.1 -  October 2020
Processing Options Configuration Control Document (POCCD) - V1.1 October 2020
D2.2.1 Parameter Data List (PDL)
D2.3 Product Specification Document (PSD) V1.1  October 2020
D2.4 Product Validation Plan (PVP) V3.1 - September 2021
D2.5 Product Validation Report (PVR) - Expected March 2022
D1.3b Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents update (ATBDv2) - Expected May 2022
D2.7 Technical Note 2 (Report on the benefit of assimilated data) - Expected December 2022
D2.6 Software User Manual (SUM) - Expected May 2022
D2.10 Source Code of Prototyped Algorithms (not publicly available)
D2.11 Software Programme Management Tool (not publicly available)
D3.1 Impact Assessment Report (Coastal Zone) - Expected December 2022
D3.1 Impact Assessment Report (Inland Water) - Expected December 2022
D4.1 Scientific Road Map - Expected March 2023

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